Medical Information Center Aichi (MICA) provides Free Health Consultation and information of Medical institution to local foreign residents in Aichi.


 For example, if you have a stomach ache when you are outside, you can contact us.

 We are able to provide you with information of the nearest medical institution which speaks your language.

 If it is difficult to find the location, we would also provide a map and other information via fax or e-mail. We also provide free health check consultation once in a month. Contents of checkup include blood pressure, X-ray, dental checkup, etc. It is free of charge. The service is run by doctors from cooperated medical institutions,qualified nurses, and translators.


 Medical Information Center Aichi is run by mainly medical and welfare related staffs. It is also supported by local volunteers. At monthly health consultation, it is run by medical doctors,qualified nurses,and interpreters.