1. The foreigner living in japan supporting organization

  Aichi QQ Medical Information System
    For foreigner living of staying in Aichi Prefecture.
      See here(PDF)


  FMC(Philippine Mygrants Center)
    For Philippine
       Tel; 052-935-6709


  IPAA (Immigration Permit Association)
    For counsel about immigration, resident and employ)
       Tel; 090-4110-6697 (Kagitani)


  The meeting which considers the Japanese Burma problem
    For The Burmese
       Tel; 0567-96-8076 (Ohsumi)


  Nagoya YWCA, Action for Sisterhood in Asia
    For the foreign ladies living in Japan
     Tel: 090-3932-646


  NPO Corp. HIV and human rights: information center

      For councel about HIV
     Tel: 052-831-2290


  General Union
    For advice on workplace problems for foreigners and Japanese in

      insecure employment
      Tel: 052-561-8555


2.Free health consultation for foreigners

      Detail → here


3.Medical Information Center Aichi (MICA)

     TEL/FAX: 052-588-7040
     Consultation Reception Time
      open hours; 13:00~17:00 on Tue, and Thu, and Sat,