Foundation Nagoya International Center (NIC)
  1984 in the foundation established by Nagoya-shi in order to promote. The

    international exchange of a citizen level.


 Foundation Aichi International Association
  The personnel training for support of a private sector international

    exchange,Organization and international exchange, foreigner life

    counceler, after of International exchange information.

    I-NET(Aichi International exchange Information system) can be searched

    with International exchange information.


 Foundation The Gifu International Exchange Association
  We have the Japanese lecture and the Japanese culture lecture for a

    Foreigner, and we support international exchange enterprise "the life

    guide book" for foreigner is in a homepage.


 Foundation INUYAMA International Exchange Society
  A lecture meeting, a foreign language lecture a Japanese classroom, a

    cultural experance event etc. are performed.


 Aichi QQ Medical Information Sysytem
  You can search about the hospital and the clinic that it can respond in a

    foreign language.


 NPO corp, NPO Aichi Network
  We have the exhibition and seminar such as a lecture meeting of

    construction of a radio network, network strong against disaster and

    disaster prevention.


 Nagoya Volunteer NPO Center
  They can support and promote the civic activities such as a Volunteer and

    NPO in the Nagoya city. There are a conference room, working spaces

    ( a charged printing machine, folding machine), a free space etc.

 NPO Multi-culture symbiosis center KYOTO
  It was inaugurated taking advantage of the volunteer which sends

    information by the many languages to the foreigner by whom it was hit by

    the Kobe earthquake.


 NPO Boramimi Information Center
  In order to connect the citizen who wants to volunteer and the



 NPO AMDA International medical information center
  A foreign resident in Japan is provided with Medical information by the

    Native language by telephone. They have medical expenses/medicine

    Specification and receipt in UK, Portugal, Spain and Chinese


 NPO Charm
  They support a foreigner resident in Japan to get medical treatment and

    Social welfare services.


 NPO Dream
  It works for the purpose of the production of definite aim in life of the

    Men of cerebrovascular.


 NPO Africa-Japan Forum
  Construction of partnership with people of Africa, network information,

    Promotion of the Africa understanding.


 NPO Asian-Japan exchange center ICAN
  They help people who lives in the poverty area in the Philippines.
  The Sale of a fair Trade products, International educational activities,

    and Study tours.


 NPO Aichi Network
  Enterprises, such as a lecture meeting of construction of a radio network

    Which is strong against disaster.


 General Union
  The labor union which is not concerned with an employment form, sex,

    age,nationality etc.
  We will adjust the labor problem of the foreigner who visited Japan.


 Multi Culture Symbiosis Group "SMILE"
  We'll support to change to multi culture symbiosis society and to

    reform"Japanese concept"


 Medical Interpreter Network Tokai (MINT) 

      MINT is an association of medical interpreters that help foreigners 

    receive the same medical services as Japanese.